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Unique Natural Banded Agate Stone Pendant and Brown Leather Cord with Sterling Silver Clasp Necklace For Him


Hanging from a sturdy, 3mm thick Brown Leather Cord Necklace with a Sterling Silver Clasp is a one of a kind natural Banded Agate Stone Pendant. This pendant was created by hand-shaping the rough stone material, tumbling in various grits for weeks until reaching a high polish, drilling the hole and then creating a handcrafted leather bail.
Agates are known as "stones of strength and courage". In many ancient civilisations, agate talismans were believed to cure venomous stings and bites, calm stormy weather, and bring victory over enemies.
Necklace is 18" (45.72 cm) in length, and the pendant is an additional 2.75" (17.78 cm) in length. This necklace will comfortably fit up to a 16.5" (41.91 cm) neck.
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