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Hi! My name is PJ and I live on the outskirts of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with my husband and our furred, feathered and scaled kids.We live in an area around the city called the Greenbelt, and I spend as much time as possible on the nature paths behind my house and in our garden...good for the body, soul, and inspiration. Mother Nature is the inventor of creativity if you ask me! I get great joy out of creating pretty things, and have been crafting and creating in various mediums for as long as I can remember. PJs Pretty's was officially established in 2013 on Etsy, where I still have a shop. 

Another big creative drive is a lifelong fascination with stone - it's composition, properties, location, history, lore, all of it. I am also a Lapidarist, and create my own cabochons. Whether it be in Silver or Leather, I love creating pieces inspired by a stone or bead’s unique pattern, combination of colors or other features. I love including top quality Japanese and Czech Glass and Crystal Beads in my pieces - the quality, colors and finishes of these beads are an art form to themselves. 

All jewelry in the store is handmade with great care and attention to detail. I keep my tools as simple as possible, and focus on creating distinctive designs, synergistic color combinations, and crafting unique pieces with my own two hands. Because of the nature of creating truly handmade items and the amount of labour that goes into many of the pieces, items are either one of a kind or created in very small, limited production runs. This means you are receiving (and giving, if it is a gift) a uniquely handmade piece.

I take great pride in the quality of my creations, and always use the highest quality materials I can source, including using recycled silver, conflict free, eco-friendly gemstone, top quality semi-precious stone beads and leather that is naturally dyed and free of hazardous chemicals. 

I strive to create unique, well-made, pretty, wearable pieces, made with a whole lot of love and attention to detail. I love the creative process and hope you like the results - thanks for stopping by!